Improve Your Communications With Your Parents

Connect to Your Parents Quickly and Easily 24/7/365
PreK-12 Notification allows you to make one phone call, record a detailed voice message, and send it immediately to all parents and/or staff at any time 24/7/365.  It is quick, easy and effective!

Why PreK-12 Notification is a better  way to Communicate Some Messages
Sometimes communicating with parents can be difficult.  Letters mailed home are not read.  Flyers sent home with the children are never delivered.  Even emails are losing their effectiveness as junk mail gets confused with important emails.  Many people only check their email once a week and others do not even have access to email.  Nearly everyone has a telephone or cell phone and when you call they answer it or at least listen to any message that is left.  PreK-12 Notification can not replace all the ways you communicate with your parents, but when the message is important and timely, in many cases it is the most effective method and the least costly.

PreK-12 Notification can help.

Schools use the service for many reasons, including:

  • School Emergency Planning - In today's world, every school must have a plan to contact parents quickly and effectively in an emergency.  PreK-12 Notification can be the cornerstone of your emergency plan.  Parents appreciate knowing their school takes student safety seriously, and that they will be the first to know, not the last to know, about all important school news.

    With PreK-12 Notification, parents receive urgent messages at up to four telephone numbers and four email addresses. Its speed and ease-of-use makes PreK-12 Notification a practical addition to your school crisis plan.

  • School Closings - Announce school closings, cancellations, early dismissals and delays quickly and efficiently. No phone trees. No need to log onto a computer. Just dial the nearest phone and in five minutes the message is recorded, sent and received. When school schedules change, it can be disruptive to family transportation plans and childcare arrangements. That's why parents appreciate quick, personal notification that you can provide using PreK-12 Notification.

  • Non-Emergency Reminders and General School News - For non-urgent school announcements, PreK-12 Notification will enhance existing communication strategies. It is the easiest way to quickly communicate parent meetings, fundraisers, rescheduled activities, field trips, and other school news. With up to 99 sub-lists you can target the message to its intended audience. One of the main reasons parent communications fails is because the messages are not targeted and people ignore them. PreK-12 Notification sub-lists solve this problem and improves your communications.
Affordable for Any School Size
  • Budget friendly annual fee based on number of students.
  • No hardware, software, license or training expenses.
  • No phone lines. No set-up fees.
  • Unlimited use 24/7/365.

More Information
Improve your communication plan today by calling Prek-12 Notification at 800-846-4630.