How PreK-12 Notification Works

Sending School Announcements: Fast, Easy and No Training Needed
  • School administrator calls PreK-12 Notification toll-free (24/7 from any phone) and records a voice message up to two minutes in length.

  • Administrator selects a contact list to receive the message:

    • Parent Emergency List - includes up to four phone numbers and four email addresses.

    • Parent Non-Emergency List - includes all parent primary phone numbers.

    • Staff Contact List - includes faculty and staff phone numbers.

    • Grade Level Lists - includes all parents for a specific grade level.

    • Custom Lists - any number of lists for student absentee calls, clubs, athletic teams, etc.

  • Administrator selects immediate delivery or schedules the message to be sent at a later time.

  • The message plays when the call is answered, or is recorded to an answering device. If there is no answer, the service redials every 15 minutes for up to three attempts.